Mark Ruffalo Shares The Spotlight

When Mark Ruffalo got the call that he was to be honored with a ‘Superhero for Earth’ award from the Captain Planet Foundation, he had only one request: to use his spotlight and share his award with a young person showcasing what it means to give their 100% in their community.

So on an unusually snowy Atlanta night, in a ballroom of folks in their finest, Mark took the stage to award an unsuspecting young environmentalist.

The young person receiving the surprise award: 13-year-old Aniyla Gainor. 

Captain Planet Foundation Gala 2017 - Mark Ruffalo

Ruffalo’s inspiring message to the audience was clear: Aniyla is giving her 100% – her positive, human energy to take care of our planet and create a present and future Atlanta that works for every person. While the snow kept Aniyla from being in the room for her award, accepting on her behalf was Gabriella Logan, public school initiative program manager of Greening Youth Foundation.

In her acceptance speech on stage, Gabriella shared why it was such an honor it was to receive the Superhero for Earth award from Ruffalo: “Someone had to do something. We decided to step out and be on the frontline [for our communities].”

With a special focus on youth of color, the Greening Youth Foundation provides environmental education for young people in schools and community centers where other outlets for the same kind of experience aren’t available. GYF works in schools and community centers throughout the metro Atlanta area and in Ghana for students in grades 3-12.

This surprise was the latest celebration part of the ATL100 campaign, which kicked off in September to celebrate Atlanta’s commitment to 100% clean energy for all. 

Inspired by Atlanta’s recent commitment to 100% clean energy, The Solution Project’s 100% campaign has been in Atlanta to celebrate the local leaders who are giving their all to create a city powered by clean energy.

And while solar panels and windmills are part of the equation to get us to 100%, this transition is being championed by people who look like what America looks like and model what we can be – people like Aniyla Gainor.

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I’m ready to give my 100% to make a 100% clean energy future a reality.