Standing Rock Stories

For months, thousands of people have journeyed to Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota to peacefully protest the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. To celebrate the history and hope of these water protectors, the 100% campaign went to Standing Rock to capture their stories in this video series.

“We can live without the oil and money, but not without water,” says Mark Ruffalo in a visit to Standing Rock.

The Avengers actor has been outspoken about his opposition to the pipeline and has helped bring media attention to the inhumane response by law enforcement. “You’ll never find a weapon here…And yet these people are being attacked and beaten brutally,” he says.

In another powerful moment of solidarity, Reverend Jesse Jackson led water protectors in a rallying cry to keep hope alive:


Check out the entire Standing Rock Stories series below:


And the story isn’t over. Despite an early December decision by the Obama administration for the pipeline to be rerouted, water protectors remain at Standing Rock and do not plan to leave, due to fears of corporate manipulation. Consider donating today to protect those fighting for clean water, dignity, and land that rightfully belongs to them.

Photo Credits: Camille Seaman

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